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Grangemouth Supply Chain Cohort Maintains Momentum on Net Zero Journey

The Grangemouth Supply Chain Cohort 1, facilitated by Net Zero Nation, convened for its quarterly 'Maintain' session on March 26th, 2024, hosted at the Forth Ports Skills Centre. Representing a diverse range of local businesses, the cohort continues to make strides in embedding net zero practices into their operations.

Progress Update

The majority of cohort members have successfully completed their carbon accounting exercises and developed comprehensive reduction plans aligned with the Science-Based Targets (SBT). This significant milestone positions them to track progress effectively and maintain up-to-date data on their emissions.

Navigating Standards and Compliance

A key concern raised during the session was the lack of convergence among various net zero standards and frameworks, including Ecovadis, Avita, Manufacturing 2030, and SBT. Participants emphasised the challenges SMEs face in navigating this complex landscape and understanding which standards to prioritise.

The cohort proposed driving greater alignment among these frameworks to alleviate the substantial financial and resource burdens associated with maintaining compliance across multiple fronts. Precision Pest, one of the cohort members, shared how their comprehensive carbon reduction plan has streamlined their compliance efforts, often exceeding the depth of reporting required by some standards.

Constructive Feedback Loop

Participants highlighted the need for tender owners to provide more constructive feedback when suppliers score low on sustainability criteria. Such feedback would enable businesses to identify areas for improvement and better align their efforts with tender owners' expectations.

Embedding Net Zero at the Core

The cohort exchanged strategies for deeply embedding net zero practices within their organizations. These included:

- Establishing cross-functional 'green teams'

- Fostering visible leadership commitment through initiatives and meetings

- Incorporating net zero responsibilities into job descriptions

- Implementing bonus plans and KPIs linked to sustainability goals

- Publishing internal newsletters to report progress and maintain engagement

- Encouraging workforce participation in expert sessions and knowledge-sharing

- Regularly updating carbon accounting reports and presenting progress at board meetings

- Implementing observation and innovation programs to reward sustainable ideas

Net Zero Nation Ecosystem Launch

An exciting announcement was made regarding the launch of the Net Zero Nation Ecosystem platform. This centralised hub will serve organizations actively involved in the net zero transition, facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Upcoming Events

The cohort looks forward to the next in-person meeting on June 25th, 2024, where they will have the opportunity to connect with Cohort 2. Regular online 'Meet the Experts' sessions are also scheduled, with the next one slated for April 5th, 2024.

As the Grangemouth Supply Chain Cohort continues its journey, the collective efforts of these businesses demonstrate a strong commitment to driving meaningful progress towards a net zero future for the region and beyond.


It was a great session with excellent participation from everybody


Fabulous seeing these live events and the community of SMEs having those productive conversations.

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