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East Ayrshire 2 Cohort Meeting



Great to see members of EA2 (East Ayrshire Cohort 2) on Thursday 9th February at HALO Rockme Workspace.


It was in discussions in the last meeting with this cohort that the “Meet the Experts” event was conceived. They are continuing to collaborate with some exciting initiatives….


  • Curtainwise now on a 4 day week having exchanged experiences with Emergency One

  • Jim English (Kays Curling) and Bryce Cunningham (Mossgiel Organic Farm) collaborating on granite waste from Curling stone production being used as an organic soil additive.

  • Jim Gemmell of ZE Global collaborating with Booth Welsh (one of our first clients) on AR (Augmented Reality) for field engineers improving response time whilst minimising travel needs (and emissions) with specialists offering central support.

  • Craig McFarlane of Fortress reported on multiple internal initiatives to reduce emissions from assessing least efficient field vehicles to gamifying emission reduction in the office. Their Carbon Report and Reduction Plan is receiving excellent feedback and now answers all tender RFI needs.

Net Zero Nation now captures and circulate these hints and tips multiplying the impact of best practice.





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