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Net Zero Nation is a purpose-led company, limited by guarantee not share capital. Surplus goes towards helping businesses and communities reach Net Zero. 

"Our aim at Net Zero Nation is to present businesses with the commercial opportunities and confidence to implement smarter carbon practices in carbon measurement and carbon removal today so that we still have a world tomorrow."


Working with Net Zero Nation, you are supporting sustainability,  circular economy and true collaborative investment in the communities in which we work.


Originally founded in January 2021 as the Net Zero Scotland Community, a not-for-profit partnership between the Scottish Business Network (SBN) and CBN Expert with the aim of encouraging and supporting SMEs to become Net Zero for carbon dioxide emissions. 


We grew to over 1600 individual and member organisations and continue to foster this dedicated community through an active LinkedIn Group


Our evolution to Net Zero Nation in July 2021 was driven by business need: recognising the demand for a quick-start process to Net Zero, we created our pioneering Accelerator Programme

which has seen almost 100 SMEs become Net Zero certified to the SECR, PPN 06/21 and Science base target reporting standards in 2023.

Our ambition is to partner and collaborate with businesses globally to tackle the 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions which the world emits annually.

We're always happy to chat more about our journey to date and explore ways we can continue to grow.

Our Principles

We believe in delivering and enabling projects to support people and communities across the UK. These values are shared by all of our partners, whether supporting our Accelerator Programmes through funding delivery or hosting.

Business for Good

We acknowledge the positive and negative impact we have on our most important stakeholders (employees, families, customers, suppliers, communities), on the natural environment (reducing our carbon footprint and waste etc), and on the local, national and international economy.

People, Planet, Profit

We aim for the mass mobilisation of SMEs towards Net Zero on a local, national and global level. Most people think big corporations and government will solve. the climate crisis. However, SMEs are the most powerful resource we have in reaching Net Zero.

Mass Mobilisation

Community is at the centre of how we operate and is the foundation for our Net Zero Accelerators.

Our online Ecosystem for Accelerator Alumni is designed for collaboration and conversation, while our LinkedIn community is active and thriving.


Community-Driven Action

Meet The Team


Gavin Tweedie

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ray Black.jpg

Ray Black

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Chief Business Officer


Nadeem Shakoor

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Chief Impact Officer

Suzan Brown headshot.JPG

Suzan Brown

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Customer Relationship Manager


Sharanya Kanakaraj

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Accelerator Program Coordinator

Tech Partners

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Delivery Partners

fraser morrison.jpg

Fraser Morrison

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Founder and CEO

Ray Black.jpg

Ray Black

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UK CEO and Founder

david hawes.jpg

David Hawes

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Board of Directors



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Co-Founder and Advisor


Tweedie Brown

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Co-Founder and Director



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Co-Founder and Chairman



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Co-Founder and CEO

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