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East Ayrshire 3 Cohort Meeting

6th February 2024

Hosted at Halo, Kilmarnock


East Ayrshire's third cohort have now hit the six month mark in the Accelerator (of twelve months).

Success stories

Several members of the cohort now have carbon reduction plans with baselined carbon accounts.

All of the cohort are starting to notice the cultural change with employees starting to talk about emissions now when making business decisions.

The carbon reduction plan is now being used as part of a client introduction pack .

Sharing ideas and helping each other is designed into the Accelerator.

These ideas were shared for embedding Net Zero at the heart of the business:

  • include it in job descriptions

  • include in the employee handbook

  • for larger organisations, add to the Risk Register


  1. Embedding it into everyday business is the ambition for all organisations.

  2. The goal is to gather carbon accounts monthly to avoid the annual scramble and keep it on the board agenda.

  3. Spread the knowledge and the expertise (for carbon accounting) so it doesn't fall on one individual only. The Accelerator is designed to upskill the participating companies so they don't become reliant on outside consultants.

This is very impressive progress for 6 months into the Accelerator and the ambition is impressive.

The cohort are at different stages which is why the Accelerator runs for 12 months.

Next steps

At the same time as the companies are continuing to work on carbon reduction plans and embedding it into their business, the next phase of the programme, Momentum, will form the foundations of this and subsequent years.

Ongoing Meet the Expert sessions will explore bringing Net Zero into your brand, practical advice on energy and community wealth building, amongst others.


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