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Net Zero Accelerator to help Decarbonise Grangemouth Supply Chain

Falkirk, Scotland, June 2023

In a landmark decarbonisation project, twenty businesses in the Grangemouth area are set to benefit from 12 months of Net Zero support helping them to transition their business and culture to a low carbon and circular operation, implement a carbon reduction strategy and gain new commercialisation opportunities in doing so. Thanks to a new Net Zero Accelerator Programme delivered by Falkirk based social enterprise, Net Zero Nation.

Net Zero Nation co-founder Gavin Tweedie said

“The SME business community now need a credible Net Zero strategy to stay in business, retain clients, win work, and attract the workforce of the future. But also, by properly measuring and managing their emissions, they will help their communities become cleaner, better places to live.”

The Net Zero Accelerator Programme will provide focused support to companies in Grangemouth to create and deliver their credible Net Zero plans, helping them with implementation in the workplace, gaining clear competitive advantages from their Net Zero leadership.

The hybrid online/place based programme, will be delivered by Net Zero Nation, via a programme that has been designed by SMEs for SMEs. Forth Ports have generously offered their meeting space in Grangemouth to host the cohort meetings and will provide support to the Accelerator members including procurement best practices in greening the supply chain.

Jacqueline Ireland, Senior Procurement Manager at Forth Ports said:

“Our target is to be a carbon neutral company by 2032 and Net Zero by 2042. We are well on our way towards that within the business, but also need to work closely with our partners and supply chain to achieve this. We are pleased to be supporting this program to both contribute and learn the Net Zero best practices that will create a greener future“

Local Grangemouth company, Scott Direct Managing Director Rob Sayles said,

“It’s great to be part of this program. We firmly believe in sustainable business and the benefits it brings to the community, our clients and the environment. Taking part in this program will help us to do that and working alongside the other companies in the area will provide insight into what other businesses are doing and help us learn more effectively about Net Zero together and find new customers and partners along the way!”

By the end of the Programme, SMEs in Grangemouth will have received help with the following:

  • TRANSITIONED operations and culture to be low carbon with peer support working alongside other businesses

  • COMPLIANCE with procurement framework standards such as TCFD, SECR, PPN 06/21

  • REPOSITIONED brand in the marketplace with existing and new clients

  • EDUCATED and engaged workforce on Net Zero

  • PREFERENTIAL terms and conditions with Net Zero focused clients

  • ALIGNED with International Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Science Based Targets Initiative

  • ENHANCED Reputation and commercialisation support to win more work

  • BROADER Pipeline of Sales Opportunities

The programme is supported by the Grangemouth Future Industry board (GFIB).

To learn more or join the program, contact Gavin Tweedie at

Find out more about the programme in this leaflet

Net Zero Accelerator A4 leaflet
Download PDF • 1.13MB


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