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#COP28 on the Horizon: from UAE to East Ayrshire's Accelerator Cohort

With #Cop28 on the horizon, tangible progress is being made within the SME community in Scotland.

One Net Zero Accelerator Cohort in East Ayrshire are demonstrating the power of the programme as they share their progress in implementing monthly carbon accounts and creating their carbon reduction plans.

The Cohort, which is supported by the support of East Ayrshire Council and Scottish Enterprise, includes a number of Ayrshire SMEs across multiple sectors:

Hosted at HALO #RockMe Workspace, the Accelerator "Manage" session encourages sharing valuable learnings by the group. Examples included...

  • Put processes in place to capture, measure and digitally report on emissions

  • Assign an owner and make data available within workflows to streamline and automate the process

  • Use Fuel Cards as a way of digital tracking fuel based emissions

  • Use digital waste consignment notes to simplify data capture and reporting

  • Enhance internal communications using a method such as "Make a difference" which helps teams better relate and support each other

  • When you have a purchase decision to make, lean into your cohort and ask them for their experience and opinions on the solutions you are looking at

  • Leverage the support that is available by sharing your carbon reduction plans with your economic advisors and exploit the plethora of funding options that exist to help companies enact their carbon reduction plans

  • Stress the role that Collaboration has in tackling Net Zero together as a group, rather than doing it on your own

  • Recognise that helping inspire and supporting companies on their own Net Zero journey has a positive impact on your brand

If you'd like to learn more about what our sessions involve, or find out about an upcoming Cohort near you, please get in touch.


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