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"The Net Zero Accelerator has a straightforward process to help you measure your carbon emissions. Once you know what data to collect, it’s simple to gather it for the carbon benchmark.

While what we’ve measured is a small part of our whole emissions, this allows us to start measuring our scope 3 emissions in more depth.

The group learning process gave us insight into what other businesses were doing and helped us learn more effectively about Net Zero together."


Rob Woolford, Supply Chain Specialist, Scott Direct

“The Net Zero Accelerator is a practical and useful program that has allowed us to benchmark our carbon reduction and monitor this through the carbon accounting dashboard.

As a result, we have been able to involve other employees within the organisation on our journey and easily implement activities to help with our carbon reduction plan.


We are also now able to use our independently audited carbon benchmark in all the tenders that we now submit to demonstrate our carbon credentials.”

~ Maggie Gorman, Business Support & Development Director, Ceteris

“Being part of the Net Zero Accelerator has given us more valuable information and insight into Net Zero and where we want to go as a business.

By using the software and the systems provided we can now take control of our own destiny within our own Net Zero journey and start to have measurable data on what we’re doing in our day-to-day operations.


One of our targets is to help our clients improve their carbon consumption and, with our increased knowledge on Net Zero, we can now support the industries we work in more effectively.”

~ Jamie Burns, MD, Ailsa Reliability Solutions

“The Net Zero Accelerator isn’t a light touch green programme. It focuses on helping us to accurately map and measure our Carbon data, take ownership of our Net Zero targets and lay the foundation for an action focused strategy.

We are delighted to have achieved our first set of audited Carbon accounts which is a big step forward in benchmarking where we are and where we want to go.

The programme itself has also allowed us to take an experimental learning approach on our sustainability journey, tapping into a new network and realising the business opportunities that can be gained from a planet positive way mindset and way of operating.”

~ Aimee Doole, Strategy, Communications and Marketing Head, Booth Welsh

“As a small business, if you want to stay in the supply chain of bigger businesses then you need to be proactive and measure your carbon emissions before it becomes compulsory.

The Net Zero Accelerator is a well guided journey to help you start your Net Zero journey and inspire you to reduce your carbon emissions. It makes you think about all the elements of your business more carefully.


The team are knowledgeable, attentive and committed to your success.”

~ Amy Britton: MD, Amy Britton Harris Tweed® Accessories

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