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Creating Clearly Defined & Credible Pathways towards

Net Zero for SMEs & Supply Chain Owners

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In the news

"94% of consumers think proper verification of environmental claims is important.


By setting and sharing interim Net Zero milestones helps build consumer trust and credibility."

- Source BSI Net Zero Barometer

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Create a Credible Net Zero Pathway Today

Access to the UK's Leading Experts on Carbon Measurement and Technology to create a credible and validated Net Zero Strategy with the collective support of like-minded organisations in the Net Zero Nation ecosystem

Outcomes of the Net Zero Accelerator


Embark on your pathway to sustainable growth and resilience with our Rolling Accelerator Program. Specifically designed by SMEs for SMEs.


This program requires just a few hours per month, providing you with the guidance, tools & expert help needed to establish a credible and validated  Net Zero strategy.


"Since ZE Global committed fully to the Net Zero Nation Accelerator program, we have seen a seven-figure contract come into the business, expanding and solidifying our company future for several years." 

Jim Gemmel, Managing Director

Your business pathway to

Net Zero certification

Net Zero Nation was established to accelerate the transition to Net Zero by a unique programme of mass-mobilising SMEs, to enable carbon reduction and become more resilient and successful organisations.

4.6 million - 77% - of small businesses have no plans for Net Zero. They require both funding and guidance to meet the 2030 Net Zero targets. SMEs are finding that they cannot bid on contracts without a credible plan, but there is a lack of standards in the public and private sector.












Net Zero Nation can help


Our 12-month Accelerator guides you through benchmarking, carbon reduction, and promoting your Net Zero transition journey. Designed and certified to Science Based Targets (SECR, PPN 06/21), it has already helped our cohorts win seven-figure contracts.

Hear from our Ecosystem speaking about their views and collective experience

Net Zero Nation also delivers Consultancy and Training packages.

Contact us for more information.

"In my opinion, this is the best place for your business to start its journey to Net Zero by knowing the effect of each decision you make, whether that be the partners you work with, the type of label you purchase or the method you use to travel for business. And then, being transparent about what you are doing and why.."



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The issue of climate change is huge, and it affects everyone.

While not the only country to do so, Scotland has missed its climate change targets 8 times in the last 12 years. Scotland’s 360,000 SMEs create around 42% of our country’s business emissions and could make a sizeable impact on carbon reduction. 

Working together, we can achieve meaningful, positive change.

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Our pioneering Net Zero Accelerator Programme was designed to help SMEs get started on their Net Zero journey. 

With over 100 businesses in their first or second year of the Accelerator, we are proud to deliver a comprehensive programme to provide accreditation, credible planning, and a cost-effective route to compliance and carbon reduction. 

  • 12 Month Programme designed by SMEs for SMEs

  • Cohorts created for accountability and knowledge sharing

  • Carbon training to master the fundamentals of Net Zero

  • CBN Expert Carbon Accountancy Software 12-month subscription 

  • Expert advice to create your carbon benchmark

  • Develop a plan to remove carbon from your business

  • Independent Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting compliant report in line with UK Government regulation

  • Recognised Certification 

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