Fog and Nature

We enable SMEs to remove carbon from their business and become more competitive, compliant and climate positive


Net Zero can be a confusing, expensive and isolating experience for many SMEs. With several pathways, which is the right one to take?

Our community led approach avoids an isolated experience. The reason many SMEs struggle to create accurate carbon accounts is because they don't have the time, help or support they require. 


We help them get there, in a group setting, with carbon specialists supporting them every step of the way.

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Net Zero Accelerators

You can't implement a carbon plan overnight, so we have created a 12-month Net Zero Accelerator Programme to help you get there at your own pace:


  • Designed by SMEs for SMEs

  • Cohort of 10 SMEs with quarterly sessions to share learning and progress

  • Carbon training to master the fundamentals of Net Zero

  • CBN Expert Carbon Accountancy Software 12 month subscription 

  • Expert advice to create your carbon benchmark

  • Develop a plan to remove carbon from your business

  • Independent annual SECR compliant report