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Grangemouth Cohort Meeting

9th January 2024

Hosted at Forth Ports, Grangemouth


Fantastic to have a 100% turnout from the Grangemouth Supply Chain cohort at the training centre, Forth Ports in Grangemouth. We are deeply appreciative of the support Jakki Ireland and

the team at Forth Ports are providing to help drive the Net Zero Transition in the supply chain across the region.

First Quarter Update

The cohorts are working together, with some already having gained their carbon reduction plan and carbon accounts certified to the Science Based Targets and SECR reporting standard.

At this session, we discussed practical carbon reduction opportunities and some great stories and actions emerged.

Success Stories

Scott Direct in Grangemouth are now entering their third year in the Net Zero Accelerator program and providing their support and experience to the Grangemouth Supply Chain Accelerator cohort.


Rob Sayles, MD at Scott Direct spoke about a fantastic circular opportunity where he has repurposed 10 pallets of expired PPE sanitiser left over from the Covid crisis into screen wash, creating both an income option preventing it being wasted and going to landfill. Rob encouraged the cohort to look at their stock, their inventory, their packaging and seek ways in which to reduce waste which in turns lowers cost and emissions.

Challenges and Learnings

  1. Difficulty obtaining data from suppliers: Some of the companies spoke about the challenges of gathering data from suppliers as there is not yet legislation in place. We spoke about how this request for data could be turned into an incentive. Where suppliers could be offered enhanced terms of business in return for supplying this data. There are companies offering better payment terms or shorter payment terms in return for supply of this data. So turning this into an opportunity rather than a compliance matter was discussed.

  2. How to verify and validate supplier data: Questions were raised around the validity of the data being supplied by suppliers. Basically where companies are self-certifying, there is lower confidence in the quality or integrity of the data. However when the data and the reduction plan has been validated or certified by a third party organisation such as Net Zero Nation, there is more confidence in the plan and the data being provided.

  3. Credibility - Are offsets a credible thing to do: The group discussed whether buying offsets was a credible thing to do, when carbon neutrality is being banned in the European Union. Some customers do not view offsets as a credible approach. We spoke about other positive ways to create credible mitigation strategies around social impact. Helping others creates demonstrable Net Zero and Social Impact

  4. Role of combining Net Zero with Social Value in the Net Zero transition: Another key thing to think about is the social value creation that comes from your Net Zero and Sustainability Strategy. As it will take time for technology and innovation to improve to make the landmark decarbonisation changes possible within the business, you can be actively helping others decarbonise and bring their reduction progress into your impact reports. For example, being involved in running a mini Net Zero Accelerator for some of your local community, local sports clubs, charities,  your supplier base etc.  Doing this helps them qualify for the funding they need to decarbonise their operations and makes a broader Net Zero impact.

“The event was successful, as it usually is, its great to see not only local suppliers coming together to talk about something so important to us all but also to see our industry talking openly about their journeys and how we can support each other. The event is a great forum for sharing best practise and engaging. I fully support the programme and will continue to strive to get engagement with suppliers locally and beyond.”

Jakki Ireland - Senior Procurement Manager at Forth Ports, Scottish Operations

What’s Next for the Grangemouth supply chain cohort?

The cohort has:

  • Completed the Master sessions

  • Created Carbon Accounts

  • Creating their carbon reduction plan or completed

  • Now we move onto the next phase on the Accelerator – Building Momentum an online session

We look forward to seeing you at the next in person cohort meeting at Forth Ports in Grangemouth when we cover the Maintain session. See you there!


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