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Grand Day out at Ayrshire for Net Zero Festival

We enjoyed a superb Net Zero Networking and Best Practice Sharing at the Ayrshire for Net Zero event this week, hosted at the excellent HALO Rockme Workspace in Kilmarnock.


Founder and Executive Chair of the HALO Urban Regeneration Company, Dr Marie Macklin kicked off the day with a rousing talk to the companies. We were joined by companies within the Net Zero Nation ecosystem and some other organisations who had come along to learn how to embed Net Zero in the heart of their business and their supply chains to increase their efficiencies, resilience and competitive advantage and do their part in taking climate positive action.

"This event puts Ayrshire at the forefront on driving the Sustainability agenda. By collaborating with the communities we live, work, learn and play in, the business world will deliver more for society and achieve our net-zero target"

Question: What Connects Furniture, Forklift Trucks, IT Services, PPE and Workwear, Packaging, Physiotherapy, Wind Turbines, Cyber Security, Asset condition monitoring, Curtains, Integrated Engineering Services ?

No it's not a list pulled out of thin air! It is some of the companies within the Net Zero Nation ecosystem who are in Year 1, 2 or 3 of the Net Zero Accelerator attending this week. While very diverse, they are bonded by a common purpose to drive the Net Zero Transition and influence those around them to accelerate their own sustainability plans and ambitions.


Learning from those in Year 3

"Year 1 is about starting to measure and understand your emissions and create your baseline. But it's Year 2 and beyond when you start to see the fruits of your labour and the real progress you are making." -Jamie Burns, MD, Ailsa Reliability Solutions

Summary of the day

The survey afterwards highlighted satisfaction levels were high from the day and companies said they would like to take part in events like this four times a year. They like the opportunities to meet with other companies in person in this type of safe space where no one is trying to sell to them, just give them practical support and advice.

Those in attendance reported they enjoyed learning what other Accelerator cohorts are doing, what is working, what is not working and generally discover the ideas, solutions and innovation that will help them and their supply chains to decarbonise at pace. Though it is fair to say, some companies did leave having made some valuable new connections and future customers and partners.

A grand day out for business and planet positive action!


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