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15 Caithness & Sutherland Companies Embark on Their Net Zero Journey

During Net Zero Week (6 -12 July 2024)  we are pleased to announce the start of the latest cohort in the 12-month Focus North Net Zero Accelerator in Caithness. Supported by NRS Dounreay and Caithness Chamber of Commerce. In Partnership with CBN Expert notch carbon accounting platform  and Net Zero International.

This cohort of 15 organisations represent the breadth and depth of the region. From craft, nuclear, construction, natural capital, manufacturing, engineering, food and drink, hospitality, education, healthcare to the space industry and development trusts. The aim is to create a more sustainable, prosperous, resilient and thriving area to live, work and visit through the rewards that will be created from embracing Net Zero as a significant economic growth, skills and jobs opportunity.


Speaking about their role in the Accelerator, the companies had this to say:-

"We have a duty to understand the impact that our business is having on the world and environment.  Having this knowledge will allow us to make positive changes and help to guide the way for other companies within our supply chain to do the same"

"We want a better understanding of how we can actively contribute to combat carbon emissions and because we want to stay ahead of regulatory change in our industry whilst aligning with our company values and market demands"

"We are striving to achieve Net Zero and consider this a good way of proving our current status emissions wise and our emissions reduction in the future"

"We want to move beyond being sustainable to actually embedding it in our business"

"We have already done quite a lot in adopting renewable energy and other low carbon measures. Now we are asking ourselves what we can do next and that's why we are in this program"

The cohort will work online and in person over the next 12 months to start embedding Net Zero in their business.


Year 2 company, Emergency One share their experiences with the cohort

Today it was great to be joined by Stewart Gorman from Year 2 Net Zero Accelerator company Emergency One. He spoke about what to expect on the Net Zero Accelerator and how companies will get most benefits by leaning into the program and engaging with the cohort of companies.


The Net Zero Accelerator Pathway

The companies taking part learned about what they will be doing over the next 12 months to normalise Net Zero and embed it in the heart of their business.


Best wishes to this latest cohort and thank you to Focus North, NRS Dounreay and Emergency One for supporting this program. We look forward to the next gathering later in the summer.


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