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"Our aim at Net Zero Nation is to present businesses with the commercial opportunities and confidence to implement smarter carbon practices in carbon measurement and carbon removal today so that we still have a world tomorrow."

- Gavin Tweedie, Co-Founder and Chairman

Our Story

We formed a community-based group called Net Zero Scotland Community in January 2021. It was created to be safe space for SMEs to share their stories and collaborate on Net Zero actions. Today that group has over 1100 members.

Net Zero Nation was created in July 2021 after we recognised there was a need for a Net Zero quick start process. This is how the Net Zero Accelerator Programme came in to existence.


The same community-based ethos from Net Zero Scotland Community drives Net Zero Nation. Net Zero Nation is a purpose-led company limited by guarantee not share capital. All profits go towards helping businesses and communities reach Net Zero. 

Our ambition is to partner, collaborate and make the Accelerator Programme available globally to tackle the 50 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, which the world emits annually.

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I am all for every community out there who is striving to make positive action when it comes to reversing damaging environmental impact. When something then becomes ‘trendy’ for commercial gain it is frustrating to watch the talkers who are definitely not walkers hijack the situation.  But I can say the Net Zero Nation team are 100% walkers, they are relentless in their mission to help as many SME’s as possible to be more.

- Clare Campbell, Prickly Thistle

Going Over Plans

Our Founding Principles

As a social enterprise with no share capital, we reinvest all of our profits. Alongside our delivery partners, we believe in delivering and enabling projects to support people and communities across the UK.

Business for Good

We acknowledge the positive and negative impact we  have on our most important stakeholders (employees, families, customers, suppliers, communities),  on the natural environment (reducing our carbon footprint and waste etc), and on the local, national and international economy.

People, Planet, Profit

We aim for the mass mobilisation of SMEs towards Net Zero on a local, national and global level. Most people think big corporations and government will solve. the climate crisis. However, SMEs are the most powerful resource we have in reaching Net Zero. 

Mass Mobilisation

Community is at the centre of how we operate, and is the foundation for our Net Zero Accelerators.

Community-Driven Action

Meet The Team

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Ray Black

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Acting CEO

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Alex Papworth

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Acting COO


Gavin Tweedie

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Co-Founder, Director and Chief Impact Officer

Tech Partners


Delivery Partners

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Fraser Morrison

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Founder and CEO

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Ray Black

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UK CEO and Founder

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David Hawes

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Co-Founder and Chair



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Co-Founder and Advisor


Tweedie Brown

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Co-Founder and Director



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Co-Founder and Director

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Board of Directors

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